Currently any Minervans who need to do training should do the 5 modules available from at this link. You would do this as part of communicating with the IRB about a project under expedited or full review, and we would provide you instructions about how to submit your proof-of-completion of the training sequence. (Projects that are deemed "exempt from further review" after the initial submission of information do NOT require proof of training, though of course we encourage you to learn and think deeply about #ethicalconsiderations and #professionalism whenever you interact with people or their information, and you could choose to do the 5 modules at the above link).

For Fall 2023 we are intending to implement training modules we create ourselves at MU, with the goal of getting a 5 on #audience :)

  • We will reduce focus on information that is not relevant to Minervans
  • We will add information that is relevant to Minervans (especially as you work with civic partners and in international contexts)
  • We will incorporate and build on Foundation Year content at Minerva, especially HCs like #ethicalconsiderations and #professionalism
  • We are likely to have video content with familiar faces :)

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